Bank of America’s Add It Up Program Review

March 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Bank of America AddItUp Program Review – Updated April 2012


The program is free to join — sign up here.

How to Earn: Receive cash back to your registered BOA credit or debit card of up to 20% for shopping online at over 250 merchants when you start your shopping session at the AddItUp Program’s website. There are four offline cashback offers; hopefully more will be added.

Who Can Join: Membership in this program is limited to people with a Bank of America credit or debit card who are enrolled in online banking. Residents of Washington and Idaho cannot participate, nor can Small Business credit card only customers. Some BOA cardholders are ineligible, including holders of other BOA-issued rewards cards like Upromise, TripRewards, etc.

When You’re Paid:
Your AddItUp transactions will appear in your account within 20 days, and will be given a “pending” designation until the merchant pays BOA, within 30 to 90 days. Payments are then made to members on a monthly basis, around the 25th of the month. If your cashback earnings (meaning the purchases that went from Pending to Earned status) from the 21st of the prior month through the 20th of the current month are $5 or more, you’ll receive your cashback, as an ACH deposit to your debit card or a statement credit to your credit card account. Otherwise, your earnings will roll over to the next month.

Customer Service Contact:


1. AddItUp has a coupon/discounts section, providing coupon codes or links for many of their participating merchants.

2. Add It Up’s rates are outstanding to high-average compared to other cashback rewards programs. Some examples: at 3% cashback (versus around 1.5% elsewhere), Avon at 8% (versus 6 to 7% elsewhere), Dell Home at 2% (3% elsewhere), Kmart at 3% (2% elsewhere), Macy’s at 4% (same as competitors), Office Depot at 4% (around 3% elsewhere), PETCO at 11% (8% elsewhere), and ProFlowers at 14% (12 to 15% elsewhere).

My Take: If you pay your credit card off in full each month, or if you have an eligible Bank of America debit card, this program is definitely worthwhile. Their shopping rates are very competitive. Remember, though: if you’re charging to your BOA credit card and paying interest on it, you’re not really “earning” all this cash back — they’re recouping a big chunk of it with the interest you pay.  So, pay in full or use a debit card.  Of course, that’s good advice for anyone using any online rewards program. ;)

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