“Get a Life,” Says NetWinner

May 13, 2008

I wanted to share with you one of the comments left on my blog just minutes ago. “Get a life,” it said. Here’s the comment and please note the IP address from which it was left: http://www.comparerewards.com/getalife.jpg
I plugged in that IP address to find out where the comment originated from, and guess who left it?: http://www.comparerewards.com/netwinnercomment.jpg

Yes. NetWinner. This was not a volunteer mod, this was an employee of NetWinner posting from NetWinner’s headquarters, on NetWinner’s own IP address in Charlotte, NC. One day after announcing to its members that it would not be paying them what they owed, they tell the complainers to “get a life.”
Adding insult to injury… as if the comments left last night by forum moderator Cuffedaddy weren’t bad enough, calling the NetWinner members, some of whom lost hundreds of dollars, “a bunch of people whining cause they lost nothing but a little bit of time they were not forced into playing anything.” He continued on urging complainers to “grow up…Im not crying over something free,” and “Honestly what have you people lost but time????”
These responses were left anonymously by another NetWinner forum moderator, lisa6948146: “You all seriously need to get a job…do any of you losers have jobs apparently not…It only takes a foot in front of another to get your a$$ away from your computer and get a job and get a paycheck.” Proof that she was the anonymous poster is in a lookup of all comments left from her IP address — see them here and the most recent ones she left are here.
I’m freezing my post about NetWinner from yesterday and asking that you continue commenting here. The blog software isn’t really set up for having over 500 comments on one post and this is resulting in some errors including post duplication. Hopefully a fresh post will fix this.
If you leave a comment and get an error, please refresh the page to see if your comment was posted before resubmitting it; thanks!
Now, I’ll step out of the way and let the discussion continue.

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