Ebates Founder on TV Yesterday

January 18, 2007 · 0 comments

I always pictured Alessandro Isolani, the founder/CEO of Ebates.com, to be an older guy, in his 60s, with a lot of dark hair and too much gold jewelry. He was on TV yesterday on San Francisco’s KGO Channel 7 in a short consumer segment about rebate programs, and I was surprised that he didn’t look anything like that! Not that he’s Brad Pitt, mind you…just that he looks like a regular computer geek, not the head of a multi-million dollar corporation.
The video of the segment is here. The content of it should be pretty elementary for my site visitors (“HUH? You can earn cash back for shopping through a rebate site? NO WAY!”), but I thought it was worth sharing just to see what Sandro looks like. :)

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