E-Miles Program Review

November 17, 2006 · 0 comments

Updated, April 2012
Launched on 11/1/06, e-Miles.com is owned by the same company as e-Rewards.com. The idea is that you can earn frequent flier miles for providing demographic info and then watching ads keyed to your profile.

In the 2006 press release announcing the program’s launch, e-Miles promised, “At no cost and in just four to five minutes spent each day engaging with e-Miles, a member can earn enough miles for a domestic roundtrip award ticket each year.”

I don’t think the earnings possibility is anywhere near that high.  In 2012, their Facebook page they claimed that you can earn  hundreds of miles per week.  Perhaps, but not with “no cost” as they originally promised.  I don’t respond to all of their email opportunities, granted, but I earned just 300 e-Miles last year from viewing ads only (not making purchases).

You have to have a minimum of 500 miles to request a transfer to your favorite frequent flier program — it’s not automatically transferred — and miles can only be deposited in 500 mile increments, once a quarter.

The program is open by invitation only to residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam or U.S. Virgin Islands, age 18+, with their own email address.

Currently, the participating frequent flier programs are those for Delta, US Airways, United, Air Tran, Hilton HHonors, Priority Club Rewards, Frontier Airlines, or Alaska Airlines, or you can select instead Amazon gift cards.  Choose your preferred program carefully, because they will not allow you to change it unless you meet certain conditions (such as moving over 50 miles away, a significant change in service to your city by your frequent flier airline, etc.).  You can quit and rejoin with another sponsor, but you’ll have to forfeit all miles earned in your original account.

If you’re hoping to earn free travel rewards online, I’d suggest you check out the paid surveys available on sites like QuickRewards.net (cash out to PayPal with no minimum required, as often as you’d like), MyPoints (receive gift cards including gas cards), and Memolink.

Or if you shop online and want to receive cash back on travel bookings (hotels, vacation packages, etc.) or cash back on other purchases that you can use toward travel, I’d suggest you join Extrabux.com (they had the highest overall shopping cash back rates in my comprehensive research study last year) or MrRebates (another favorite of mine).

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