Freeride Members Receive Virtual Visas Without Freeride’s Help

October 7, 2006

In a very interesting turn of events, Freeride members on Thursday began receiving their promised Virtual Visa redemptions… by directly approaching, the provider of the redemptions. Freeride’s customer support has not responded to member inquiries regarding these overdue payments, but someone found that they were paid directly by Ecount just hours after emailing them about the status of their Freeride award. Word of mouth spread to the forums, and the Virtual Visas are finally being dispersed.
If you are awaiting payment from Freeride, the recommended method is to visit and click on Customer Service, and make sure you put Freeride in the message subject. You will receive an email from (you may want to add this to your address book to ensure delivery).
Congrats to those who are finally being paid, and shame-shame on Freeride and Endai Worldwide for their pitiful neglect of proper customer service. Rewards program members should not have to go to this much effort in order to receive what they’ve earned. While you did come through, EVENTUALLY, with YOUR choice of payment, you get a big, fat, red “F” for customer service.

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