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June 25, 2006 · 0 comments

Ever have this problem: You’re carrying points in a rewards program that you’ve decided isn’t a “keeper,” but you don’t have enough points to cash out?

Or how about this one: You really want to cash out of a rewards program but you’re just a few points short…and you sure wish you could just transfer your points from another program so you’d have enough? Maybe you’d even be willing to BUY the few points you’re short to cash out?

What about, you have airline miles that you don’t use or need and you’d like to give them to someone else? Or maybe you’d just like to get those airline miles into a program that you DO use a lot?

What if you just don’t LIKE the redemption options at your point level?

Or maybe you’re just having difficulty tracking how many points you have in each program?

Points.com can help. It helped me.

I had $14 sitting in my account at BabyMint. It’s a nice program, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t for me. Cashout was $25 and I didn’t want to have to spend that much more at the program when there were others I preferred. So, I popped on over to Points.com to see what my options were. Turns out I could cash out my $14 worth of BabyMint earnings for $12 of Amazon credit. Obviously Points.com gets to keep $2 of my money, which is their angle, but for me it was a great deal. The exchange went through pretty quickly, too (not sure because it was over a weekend, but definitely within a few days).
I could have chosen instead to transfer in some points from my PhoneHog account, my Greenpoints account, or my e-Rewards account in order to reach the $25 cashout.

You should know that you will lose a little in point/dollar value when using Points.com. That’s where their profit comes from. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable amount. Also, not all rewards programs participate in Points.com, and of those that do, some don’t participate in the points swap facet of it, and only airline mileage programs will allow you to gift or buy extra points.

It is a really cool resource for those who use airline mileage programs, or those other rewards programs that participate. Some non-airline rewards programs that participate include BabyMint, e-Rewards, Goldpoints, Greenpoints, KidsFutures, NestEggz, and PhoneHog. (Sorry, none of the big players like MyPoints, Ebates, or uPromise.)

It’s a free program — no cost to join it or use it (though you can pay for upgraded customer service if you use it a lot and have a lot of questions). They even give you some points to get you started!  Join here:  http://www.Points.com

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