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January 20, 2006 · 0 comments

For the second month in a row, I received a timely payment from I cashed out at the end of December, and the site promises payment on or before the 20th of the following month. I was paid $121.00 on 1/19, actually a day early.
I went in search of a few more offers so I could up my balance for this month’s cashout and found two I wanted to share:
1. AskNow. I used a prepaid debit card to pay $1.95 for a 10 minute psychic reading. My FusionCash account was credited $21.60 within an hour or so. The offer was a one-time-only charge — if you take the 10 minute “reading” they’ll push you to subscribe — so there was nothing to cancel, but just in case, after my FC account was credited, I logged back into AskNow and deleted my debit card info.
2. SuperPass. Used the prepaid card number again, this time there was no charge for a 14 day trial. FusionCash credited my account $12.00 a few hours later, then I logged onto to cancel. They did require me to call a toll-free number to cancel. A foreign lady was helpful but wanted a reason for me leaving; I just said look, I don’t want it, please cancel it, and she did, quickly and politely.
3. Real Fun. Cost $1 for a 30 day trial membership and they’re supposed to send a free $20 gas card, too. Printable coupons are available on their website for savings on restaurants, entertainment, and more. FusionCash paid $12 for the signup and it credited within a few minutes. Just need to remember to cancel in 30 days but if I forget, my debit card only has $7 left on it now, so, who cares?? :)
Just wanted to share these three particular offers because they were easy to do, cheap, and good earners. Of course if you like the services, by all means, stay on as a paying member.
Remember to cash out by 1/31 to be paid on or before 2/20. I’ve cashed out twice, been paid twice on time (or early) a total of $182 with another $70 on the way. Fast offer crediting, nice customer service people if you DO have a question, prompt payment — can’t say enough nice things about this program. GREAT site for doing trial offers! Here‘s a link to join — thanks!

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