Update on MyPoints Missing Redemptions, BonusMail

July 28, 2005

I’ve mentioned the MyPoints2000 YahooGroup before — if you’re a big MP fan you may want to consider subscribing.
Yesterday a member there claiming to be a MP employee said, “I work at MyPoints and I’ve been catching up on your reactions to our
new website. We are still trying to get all of our offers and
redemption options up on the site. Rest assured..nothing has gone
away. It may just take a few more days to get everything up. We’ve
had to test extensively to be sure that everything works properly.”
Of course, anyone could claim to be a MP employee for kicks, but another user confirmed that she got the following message in response to an inquiry about Hilton HHonors points being missing as a redemption option: “Thank you for contacting MyPoints Member Care.
We are currently working out some issues with some of the rewards through our site, but rest assured the Hilton Honors Points award will back up soon. Thank you for your continued patience and support. Please feel free to contact us with any further inquiries.
Have a nice day. Best Regards, Melanie B. MyPoints Member Care”
MyPoints sent out an email with the suggestion to add this email address to your address book: BonusMailReply@MyPoints.com — Here are their instructions on how to do this:
� For Yahoo!: click “Add to Address Book,” located in the “From:” line.
� For Hotmail and MSN: click “Save Address,” located in the bar above “To:” and “From:”
� For AOL using the AOL software: Click the “Save Address” icon.
� For AOL users on AOL.com: Click the “From” line of the email “BonusMail from MyPoints” and save BonusMailReply@MyPoints.com to your contact list.

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