Memolink Screws Loyal Members…Then Sends Flowers

July 17, 2005 · 0 comments

“C’mon, give ‘em another chance! They’re catching up on their redemptions! Why are you so hard on Memolink?”
THIS, my friends, is why.

I’ve tried to warn y’all. They’ve got no respect for their users. They’ve mistreated you again and again.

And the “New, Improved, Dazzling Memolink” unveiled yesterday proved my point.

As the site came back up, everyone found that their points were worth 10% of what they were before. A $25 GC that used to cost 4300 points is now 43,200 points. OMG!

There was melee, rioting in the streets, women burning their bras, and…

Wait! Users logging in today found that their old balances had been multiplied by 10. “Oh, isn’t Memolink great! They gave us more points! They love us, they really love us!” ALMOST enough points to make up for the increases in the cost to cash out.


The smoke-and-mirrors trick also tries to hide the fact that the New Dazzling Memolink is now paying less for the offers on the site. An illustration –

Earlier this week:

A $25 GC cost 4,300 points
Netflix signup gave you 1,750 points (worth $10.17)
AOL Call Alert signup gave you 625 points (worth $3.63)
uPromise signup gave you 375 points (worth $2.18)
StarClub signup gave you 1000 points (worth $5.81)
Disney Movie Club signup gave you 600 points (worth $3.49)


A $25 GC costs 43,200 points
Netflix signup gives you 12,400 points (worth $7.18 — 29% less than before)
AOL Call Alert gives you 5,000 points (worth $2.89 — 20% less than before)
uPromise gives you 3,300 points (worth $1.91 — 12% less than before)
StarClub gives you 7,200 points (worth $4.17 — 28% less than before)
Disney Movie Club gives you 4,000 points (worth $2.31 — 34% less than before)

Now, the obvious question — to me — is, why did Memolink put its site back online with everyone’s point values all messed up?

The obvious answer — to me — is that it was part of their planned subterfuge to divert attention from the fact that they upped cashout costs values and dropped offer values, making it harder to reach cashout.

Lookit, guys, here’s the bottom line: there are other rewards programs that pay you more for offers and shopping, that send out rewards faster, and that have faster and friendlier customer service. PERIOD. But don’t take my word for it. Ask around.

Read their Better Business Bureau report (click Get a Report and search for Memolink).

Read what others have been saying about them at PlanetFeedback.

Then there’s the 2004 Email Subscription Spam Risk Audit (see page 2, Spammers Caught in the Act).

You could refresh yourself on their past misdeeds by taking a little trip down memory lane: Memolink to Send Recent Redemptions Before Older Ones (2/02), Memolink Estimates 26 Weeks For Old Redemptions (2/02), Memolink Deactivated (9/02), Memolink Promises Redemptions (6/03), MemoGold Unveiled (8/03), Memolink Says a Couple More Months (10/03), Memolink “Isn’t Sure” When Redemptions Will Be Sent (1/04), Memolink CEO Says Site is Profitable (1/04), Memolink Deletes Accounts Due to Site Glitch (2/04), Memolink’s Latest Stall Tactic (4/04), Memolink’s New Formula For Sending Payments (5/04), Memolink Violates CAN-SPAM Act (7/04), Memolink CEO’s “Other” Company Sold (10/04).

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