Memolink Refer-a-Friend Option Temporarily Suspended

June 11, 2005 · 0 comments

According to a note in the Member Support page of Memolink posted on May 23, the site is making some changes to their refer-a-friend program and they’re suspending the option until those changes are complete. Of course, I could insert a smarmy remark here about “why would anyone refer a FRIEND to that site” but y’all already know where I stand on Memolink.

Click Continue for the full text of the message on Memolink.

**Alert – May 23rd, 2005
Memolink has temporarily removed the ability for members to refer friends to Memolink. We are currently working on a brand-spankin’ new referral program and we thought it would be easier if we didn’t confuse new members by changing the rules right after they join. In the meantime, if you have existing referrals, you will continue to earn points from them as you always have, you just can’t refer new folks for the time being. Stay tuned… we’ve got lots of exciting new things coming your way!!
-Memolink Member Support

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