FGI Research SmartPanel

July 27, 2004 · 0 comments

FGI Research SmartPanel Review (updated with new link 08/2011)click to join

Began in August 2003. This is a paid survey program that will ask your demographics, then email you if you might potentially qualify. The email will link you to a “screener”, and if you qualify you’ll either receive a cash award or a drawing entry for your participation (they’ll tell you up-front which).

In July so far, they’ve given away $4,500 in prizes, the most for any month yet! The breakdown was 9 $250 prizes, 9 $150 prizes, and 36 $25 prizes. Unsure how many people qualified to do the surveys, so I can’t compute your odds. If you do win or complete a paid survey, they promise payment in 4-6 weeks.

Have gotten two screeners: didn’t qualify once, and was too late responding on the other.

For more info and to sign up:  http://www.fgiresearch.com/smartpanel/

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