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FreeRide Program Review – Updated 10/07
Please click here to join.
Date Launched: 2003 (for the latest re-launch…this is their 3rd version of the program)
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Cash Out: 12,000 and up for $10 GCs, 12,500 for Virtual Visas. Cheapest redemption is 10,000 (magnets).
Cash Out For: Gift cards including Amazon, Virtual Visas, magazine subscriptions, magnets, Freeride t-shirt, music downloads.
Earn For: Shopping, signups, clicking the Grab-a-Cab, website visits, watching movie trailers, surveys, referrals.
Limit One Account Per: U.S. resident 13 years or older (under 18 requires parental permission), only one acct allowed per household
Dollar Value of a Point: $0.000926 for Overstock, $0.000893 for Amazon or Virtual Visa, $0.000862 for other GCs
Daily “Free” Points: Varies drastically; many points can be earned through the Ifilm link but it’s very time-consuming.
Value of “free” points daily: Varies
Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents:
5 Points Per Dollar = 0.46%
25 Points Per Dollar = 2.32%
30 Points Per Dollar = 2.78%
40 Points Per Dollar = 3.70%
60 Points Per Dollar = 5.56%
1. Get 500 points for joining.
2. Get one point the first time you visit a merchant through FreeRide; repeat visits are not paid.
3. Have received reports that 4-6 weeks is a typical wait once a GC has been requested; magazines take 8-12 weeks.
4. 90 days of inactivity may zero out your points balance. Points expire if not spent within 2 years of becoming “available.”
5. Shopping credit discrepancies not disputed within 90 days will not be investigated. Missing redemptions will not be investigated if claim is filed over 180 days afterward.
6. Program is notorious for ignoring member support requests.
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updated 10/07

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