Delete Ebates MoeMoneyMaker Adware

February 15, 2004 · 0 comments

Some people call it Scumware, others call it Parasiteware… whatever YOU call it, Ebates’ Moe Money Maker program needs to get deleted from your machine.
How Ya Got It:
Ebates prompts you to download MMM when you log in without a cookie, or when you create a new account. The checkbox, at the bottom of the screen, defaults to “I would like to download the Moe Money Maker reminder tool.” Unless you uncheck the box, you’re getting the download. I’m a veteran to rewards programs, the internet, and computers in general, and a semi-intelligent person (I do have an MBA from LSU), and I came THISCLOSE to downloading the friggin’ thing the other day!
What It Does:
It spies on which websites you go to, and it offers a coupon or a reminder of some type when you go to an Ebates-affiliated merchant. Not too bad a deal from the consumer’s standpoint, *IF* a) you don’t mind being spied on, and b) the only rewards program you use is Ebates. BUT, if you do use other rewards programs, look out! Ebates may “steal” your sale.
How to Delete It:
You can go to your computer’s control panel, then to Add/Remove Programs and nuke it there. Some people say this won’t remove the program, though!
Here’s a tool that WILL delete it: — click on Download Removal Software.
And while you’re at it, why not go ahead and do a full check of your computer for adware and nuke it all? There’s a couple of free tools, Ad-aware and Spybot Search&Destroy. Use one, use both, but get all that crap off your machine!

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