Freeride is Back!

July 5, 2003 · 0 comments

Update, 7/15: People are saying on various message boards that huge sums of points are just appearing in their accounts. Will they STAY in the accounts? Is Freeride just toying with us again? Tune in tomorrow! :)
Update, 7/6: Site visits appear to not be daily but one-time-only! YUCK! I got 10 points today by rapid-clicking the Grab-a-Cab when it appeared, but after those 10 pts, the cab didn’t show back up…even tried logging out and back in again but nothing. I’m sure there’s some knack to it (fwiw, which frankly, ain’t much)…will keep trying!
Okay, yeah, I know I said I would never waste my time on that program again (this is its second total revision of the program, if you didn’t know), but I had to sign up at least to see how they’ve changed the system.
1. All old Freeride points are gone. We’re all starting fresh.
2. You can choose a “Freeride Friend” — basically just you can pick a face from a library of different faces. I don’t understand what the big deal with this is.
3. You can earn points through: site visits, email clicks, shopping, and “grab-a-cabs” (random cab icons that pop up and you can click for points). You don’t earn for referrals.
Earnings and Rewards:
You get 500 pts to sign up. Today I earned 16 pts through site visits and 10 from the Grab-a-Cab. (Note: click fast on the Grab-a-Cab icon when it pops up, you’ll get credit for each click that goes through before the icon disappears.)
There are currently only 4 rewards (they promise more in the future): all $10 GCs, and they’re from Amazon, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Bahama Breeze. They all cost 10,500 pts except for Amazon which is 11,500.
At this rate, it would take me 385 days to earn $10. So I’m certainly hoping they’ll add more ways to earn.
Here’s the link if you wanna check it out:
p.s. Thanks to Hilary H. for the heads-up!

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