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BabyMint Review – Program Closed, 2009

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Date Launched: 1999

Minimum to Redeem:
Cash Out For: Check, deposit into college savings account, or deposit into another BabyMint user’s account
Earn For: Online shopping, using special BabyMint grocery coupons in-store, using BabyMint credit card, referrals

Limit One Account Per:
Resident of US or its territories of legal age according to your state


1. Some shopping rewards refer to the rebate you earn for buying a GC to that merchant from
2. Participants in Tuition Rewards (option to deposit into college savings acct rather than receiving a check) agree to receive marketing info from colleges based on student’s demographic info.
3. BabyMint pays $5 for you to sign up once you’re referred and make one purchase of any size (referrals not paid to member’s immediate family).
4. BabyMint no longer participates in the program.

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