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CreationsRewards Review – updated 10/07
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Date Launched: 2000
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Cash Out: 1,000 for $5 Paypal, 1,100 for $5 GCs, 1,200 for $5 Check
Cash Out For: Gift Cards, Paypal, Cash (check)
Earn For: Shopping, signups, website visits, referrals, daily trivia
Limit One Account Per: US or Canadian resident 18+ with a unique IP address, no more than 4 per household
Dollar Value of a Point: Approximately $0.005 for PP, $0.0049 for GCs and Cash, $0.0046 for WCs
Daily “Free” Points: 3
Value of those Free Points: 1.5c a day
Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents:
3 Points Per Dollar = 1.5%
5 Points Per Dollar = 2.5%
10 Points Per Dollar = 5%
15 Points Per Dollar = 7.5%
20 Points Per Dollar = 10%
30 Points Per Dollar = 15%
1. Must earn at least 1 point during first month of membership and at least 1 point each 3 months afterward or else be deleted for inactivity and forfeit all earnings.
2. Very fast crediting of shopping rewards.
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updated 10/07

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